Goodbye, my friend (pt. 2)

Hey, it’s GenYgg.

Remember last post ? Ate lunch at my house after feeling like I belonged, I was in a good mood; I was high on acceptance.

It’s sunny, it’s a beautiful day. I walk outside my front door and make my way to the park behind my house. It’s much faster to cut through there. I walk onto the empty baseball field, from afar I see groups of teenagers wandering about, taking advantage of lunch time. I pass by the cabin that stood beside the field, then the children’s sandbox with some intricate play space. A row of pine trees separates the arena’s parking lot from the park. Everyone passes in between the trees, no one really bothers following the stones the town put in place. Walking in the parking lot, making my way to the bike path, which leads me to school. That ugly, taupe-colored brick school.

This exact moment is when everything went to shit. I’m going to my locker, minding my own business and getting ready for class. Someone had different plans for me.

I can’t recall who it was, but someone came to see me and told me this : “Wanda and her friend are going around the school and the school yard yelling out ‘GenYgg is gay’ …”

This was the lowest of lows my psyche had been, what was that ? High on acceptance ? *Poof* It all vanished, it all came crashing down – my day went from sunny, to cloudy, to stormy.

The funny thing is, with all the shit that I’d gone through thus far… none of it had prepared me for what happened the next day.

Until next time,

Do something you love, not something you think is ‘best’,



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