Long time no see…


GenYgg here. I told you in my last post I’d tell you my story. It’s a fucked up story, but it’s mine and I respect it wherever I go. If ever you can relate to any of it, great, if not… listen to some snazzy Spotify playlist and enjoy the ride ! P.S. Don’t be salty if I skip things

Small, rural towns are places I grew up in. The kind of town where you have that one best friend for your entire life… well, maybe you expect it to be that way, but it doesn’t always actually work out. It comes to no surprise that it’s what happened to me. I changed schools a few times and had to go through the making friends process countless times. It wasn’t particularly difficult for me to do so, but it wasn’t the most fun because you’re then counting friends rather than having 5 amazing best friends. This first fact is one of the many that lead to my social demise.

FYI – Without knowing exactly what it was, because I didn’t have any concept of it, I’m pretty sure that, at age 10, I already knew I’d turn out to be a gaymer.

Back to the story…

Like most places, students from different schools would find themselves in a melting pot at the one high school in the area. All my friends were there, but none of them really lived up to that word, we’d mostly grown apart because of time and change in personalities, I guess. I was frantic, I remember spending the summer making new friends, in a new small town, but even they can’t bear the title – they fooled me. I gathered all my courage and went in for my first day.

Little did I know that stepping into high school would actually start choking my social life to death.

Until next time,

Live the moment, not the past, nor tomorrow… NOW.



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