The Journey Ahead


I’m going to make these things as concise and clear as I possibly can. I’m Gen-Y GG. It may come to a surprise that Gen-Y stands for Generation Y, but the GG part is whatever you want it to be. Gay guy, gay gamer, gay geek, good gay, gentle gay, be it what you desire, the only must in there is “gay”.

That being said, I’m sure you’ve already got an idea of what I look like, at least you think you do. The words I wrote ring a bell inside your head, which then creates an image of what Gen-Y GG looks like. This image is based on things you know, nothing else. Usually, the things you know are based on, well, your knowledge, of course, but also your life experiences and your beliefs. Basically, you’ve got it wrong. Whatever you think I look like, I don’t actually look like that. Stereotypes are overrated anyways, so throw them out the window and read, maybe you’ll get to know me better and break away from preconceived ideas.

We all have our stories, each and every one of us. It fascinates me, really. When I start thinking of all the lives on Earth, I have to stop myself. It’s this thing that happens where my heart flutters and my brain feels like it’s imploding from all the possibilities. I think you know where this is going… I’m going to tell you about myself and why I became Gen-Y GG.

Stay tuned and don’t go too far, bear with me for a bit. I’ll make it worth your while, I promise.

Until next time,

Be you, be bold,





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